Upcoming Games

Sunday, July 8th Final Games:


1. Third Place  @ 3:30 PM

   Taklamakan FC vs LA Uyghur FC

2. ATA-USA @ 5:15 PM

3. First Place @ 5:45 PM

     Uyghur United FC vs Uyghur Bogda FC

4. Closing Ceremony @ 7:30 PM

Letter to the Uyghur teams:

As-salamu Alaykum, our dear brothers and sisters around the world. This coming July (2018), the Taklamakan Youth group of the Washington DC metropolitan area is planning to organize and attend a soccer tournament in Virginia consisting of Uyghur teams from different cities around  North America. This soccer tournament will incite a global gathering of Uyghur youth in one place, and through friendly competition will also facilitate positive interaction and encourage the development of valuable relationships between Uyghur youth everywhere.


It is important to note, however, that the overall purpose of this event will be much greater than a simple gathering. The very basis of the word "Uyghur" means unity -- a quality that requires love, respect, and trust among all, but a quality that, in the eyes of our generation, seems to be lacking in today's Uyghur community. Ultimately, with this event we hope to strengthen unity amongst Uyghur youth -- the future our community.

On behalf of the Taklamakan team, we cordially invite your team in the Uyghur American Cup which will take place in Virginia. We hope that you will strongly consider being part of the history making moment as well as bringing our dreams into reality.

Many thanks,


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We're less than one month away!

Where there is UNITY, there is VICTORY... Uyghur American Cup was found in 2015 and every summer Uyghur soccer players from all over North America get together to compete and promote unity amongst Uyghur youth and to unite them around the common purpose of embracing their Uyghur identity. Through friendly competition with teams from across the North America, we will be facilitating positive interaction and building powerful relationships between Uyghur youth everywhere.